Below are the bills, past and present, that address the issue of criminal record sealing in New York.

This list includes pending and recent legislation, including the New York State Bar Association’s recommendation of a proposal to seal certain criminal records in New York, which has been adopted by the New York State Bar Association and the Nassau County Bar Association, endorsed by Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice and, if passed by the Legislature, may make history in changing the law pertaining to the sealing of criminal records in New York State.   Attorney Rick Collins is co-chairman of the Sealing Committee that developed this proposal, and has been working tirelessly on the issue of criminal record sealing in New York.

NYSBA Report and Recommendations

Assembly Bill A6664-2011

Assembly Bill A1139-2011

Assembly Bill A10571-2012

Assembly Bill A4026-2013

Senate Bill S3384-2013

Senate Bill S1609-2013

Senate Bill S-134-2013

Senate Bill 5385-2013

CPL Section 160.58

Bill to Repeal CPL Section 160.58

OCA 2014-98R