Attorney Rick Collins has fought for the passage of this law for years … and can now fight for you to seal your criminal records.

As co-chairman of the New York State Bar Association Criminal Justice Section Sealing Committee, Rick Collins has been a longtime advocate for criminal record sealing in New York – and played an instrumental role in getting this critical law passed.

Let Rick and his team of attorneys advocate for you to help clear your record … and eliminate the barriers you may have been facing in employment, housing and other areas of your life due to a long-ago prior conviction.

Don’t chance it with an attorney who may not be familiar with this complex legal issue.

Turn to the attorney who has been established as a trailblazer in sealing law … and discover how sealing your criminal record can turn your life around.

Call now for a free consultation for sealing matters – and to tell us a little more about you and your case (and to see how we can help) click here.

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